Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India 23 Jun, 2021

Reforms by Conviction and Incentives

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Union Minister Arun Jaitley 17 Feb, 2020

The Impact of the Government Policies on Direct Tax Collections

The first sixty-seven years after Independence from 1947 to 2014 saw a total number of 3.82 crores assesses filing tax returns. Obviously, in comparison to a total population of almost 1.3 billion, this figure appears highly inadequate. The total direct tax collection (income tax) in 2013-14 was Rs.6.38 lakh crore.

Justice CK Prasad, Chairman 17 Feb, 2020

Celebration of Constitution Day: Fundamental Duties

The concept of dharma is deeply rooted in our culture. Performance of duty was considered to be an essential part of man’s character in ancient India and it was conceived that failure to perform one’s duty is equivalent to committing
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