Celebrating India's Vibrant Heritage: PM Modi's Heartwarming Visit to the Crafts Bazaar

Anubhav Dimri Assistant Director Ministry of information and broadcasting
Anubhav Dimri Assistant Director Ministry of information and broadcasting

11 Sep, 2023

At the vibrant event of G20 Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi, there was an eagerly awaited event - the Crafts Bazaar. This extravaganza was a celebration of India's rich tapestry of arts and crafts, and it attracted visitors from all corners of the world.

The bazaar also had Indigo Jahota block painting from Rajasthan that showcased the artisan's resolve to deliver the best of the arts. It created the Indigo ink on the spot and was impressed on the cloth by artisan himself.

The Pithora artists, with their skilled hands, created a visual feast that showcased the rich tribal culture of Gujarat. Each painting told a unique story, depicting gods, goddesses, and the daily life of the tribal communities.

As the sun began to cast its warm, golden glow over the sprawling Bazaar grounds, the air was filled with excitement. People gathered with wide-eyed wonder, eager to explore the treasures that lay ahead. Colorful stalls adorned with intricate fabrics, sparkling jewelry, and exquisite pottery beckoned them.

At the heart of the Bazaar, a group of artisans from Rajasthan had set up their stall, showcasing their world-famous handcrafted textiles. Visitors were enchanted by the intricate embroidery and mirror work, and they couldn't resist the allure of the vibrant Rajasthani turbans and scarves.

Next door, craftsmen from the hills of Himachal Pradesh had created a cozy little corner displaying their exquisite woodwork. Visitors marveled at the intricate carvings on wooden figurines and furniture, each piece a testament to the skill passed down through generations.

As the day went on, the sounds of traditional music performances filled the air. The rhythmic beats of the tabla and the melodious tunes of the sitar transported visitors to a different world.

From the delicate chikankari of Lucknow to the bold and beautiful Warli art from Maharashtra, each stall offered a glimpse into the diverse traditions and skills that have been passed down through generations.

What truly warmed my heart was the sight of the artisans themselves, many of whom came from humble backgrounds. Their eyes sparkled with pride as they shared the stories behind their creations, tales of perseverance and passion that had sustained their families for years.

We struck up conversations with some of these talented individuals, and their dedication to preserving their art forms was inspiring. They spoke of how events like the crafts Bazaar provided them with a platform to showcase their talents to the world, a chance to earn a livelihood while keeping their cultural heritage alive.

Children, with wide-eyed innocence, enjoyed interactive workshops where they tried their hand at pottery, block printing, and other crafts. Their faces lit up with joy as they created their own masterpieces.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi too embarked on a heartfelt journey to the crafts bazaar during the evening of the closing day of the Summit. As he strolled through the bazaar, PM Modi marveled at the exquisite Madhubani artwork adorning the stalls. The artisans, with hands stained in paint and eyes gleaming with passion, diligently crafted their masterpieces. The Prime Minister's keen interest in art and culture led him to engage in conversations with these talented creators.

One elderly artisan, Shanti Devi, from a remote village in Bihar, shared her story with a radiant smile. She had spent decades perfecting the art of Madhubani painting, and her work depicted tales from Indian mythology and everyday rural life. PM Modi's presence inspired her, and she spoke about the need to preserve and promote such indigenous art forms.

Moving on, the Prime Minister encountered another group of artisans hailing from the northeastern region of India. They were showcasing the rich tapestry of cultures through their intricate handicrafts. Their traditional attire, adorned with tribal motifs, piqued PM Modi's curiosity, and he engaged in a spirited discussion about the unique traditions and crafts of the Northeast.

Amidst the lively interactions, PM Modi encouraged the artisans to continue their invaluable work. He emphasized the importance of preserving India's cultural diversity and heritage, recognizing that it is these very traditions that add depth and beauty to the nation's identity.

I will call myself really lucky as just when I was taking a selfie, Honorable PM looked towards my camera capturing that once in a lifetime moment.

As the sun set on that memorable day, the artisans left the bazaar with a newfound sense of pride and determination. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit had not only celebrated their artistry but had also kindled a renewed commitment to safeguard and promote the rich tapestry of India's crafts and cultures. It was a small soft story, but one that resonated deeply in the hearts of those who were part of this unique encounter.