Digital India Pavilion Showcasing Myriad Opportunities for a Better India

Ayush Sharma Assistant Director Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
Ayush Sharma Assistant Director Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

10 Sep, 2023

Digital India Pavilion Showcasing Myriad Opportunities for a Better India

Digital Public Infrastructure has been one of the key pillars of the ongoing G20 summit. In line with this theme, India presented to the world the Digital India Pavilion. This pavilion is a testament to India's remarkable digital transformation journey, which has not only reshaped the nation but has also touched the lives of millions. It showcases 8 Digital India initiatives includingDigilocker, e-Sanjivani, ONDC and GITA.


The pavilion is unique in a way that it goes beyond just providing information and gives a real-world experience to the visitors. The officials from Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology as well as from MyGov are explaining different aspects and details of exhibits to the visitors.

The pavilion displays state of the art technology to showcase these exhibits. At the Interactive Experience exhibit, visitors can enter into the world of virtual reality and experience different Digital India initiatives like FASTag, UPI and Bhashini. It provides a car driving simulation wherein the user uses these apps on the go and conducts transactions seamlessly.


A large number of officials and media personnel visited the e-Sanjivani exhibit and interacted with the doctor sitting miles away via video consultation. They were impressed to see the ease of use and seamless experience the app provided. E-Sanjivani, by improving affordability and accessibility, could bring a healthcare revolution in India.

Another exhibit which amazed the visitors was Bhashini.Bhashini is a local language translation app which could help people having language barrier converse in real-time. It uses artificial intelligence to improve itself and provide a better experience to the user. People who visited the exhibit were optimistic that Bhashini could be instrumental in removing not only language divide but also the culture divide, literacy divide and the digital divide.

Some of the major social media influencers like Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji), RJ Raunak, RJ Nitin, Abhijit Chavda and Richa Anirudh visited the Digital India pavilion. They were pleasantly surprised to see the innovations and state of the art technology used in the digital pavilion to display Digital India initiatives. The influencers captured this opportunity to reach out to millions of followers via their social media handles and showcase the G20 pavilion to the people.



The pavilion not only showcased these digital initiatives but also featured interactive displays, live demonstrations, and personal stories of people whose lives had been transformed.As the digital revolution unfolds, this pavilion emerges as a testament to India’s commitment towards it. As visitors left the Digital India Pavilion, they carried with them a deeper understanding of how technology had bridged gaps and improved the lives of millions in India in this digital era.